venerdì 22 gennaio 2010

Bancali In Pietra

Bancali In Pietra (Psico and Mone) are an electronic/ambient/noise duo from Riccione. Their music consists of structured improvisation remixed after the recording. To create what they describe as "magic music" they use guitars, drum machines, keyboards and a lot of effects.
During the listening we can feel the influences of the japanese noise scene (Boredoms, Merzbow...) but also of the kraut noise. The aim is to produce hypnotic and deafening madness so if you're not afraid to get fool, enjoy it.

All their discography available from

Bancali In Pietra (2007)

Bin Bum Argh (2008)

The Summer (2009)

The Autumn (2009)

giovedì 14 gennaio 2010


Muertepop records is an italian netlabel and cdrlabel.
Muertepop releases free music aiming to promote artists of the indie, electronic and experimental musical scene. The music released on Muertepop netlabel is solely for free distribution and promotion, with no intent on financial gain. The artists that release their music on mp3 format with Muertepop records are completely free to release elsewhere, if the artists need to have their audio tracks (or videos or photos) removed from the site at any time, that's not a problem. All the music is subject to a creative commons licence which means that although it is released for free and you are free to copy it, the artist still retains certain rights.

Fucksia - Photophobie (2009)

Livi(d)o - The Marsican Bear (2008)

OTO - Fake (2008)

Postepay - Empty Music For Crowded Rooms (2007)

Fattoria Del Vento - Fattoria Del Vento (2007)

All About Max - Nothing To Say (2007)

Roberto Maldoror Manfredini - Musica Per Giostrai Futuristi (2007)

Fever Asym / Livi(d)o - Music For Disturbed Children (2007)

1984 - Matite Spuntate (2007)

All albums available for free download from

P.S.: obviously i've only pointed out italian artists XD

domenica 10 gennaio 2010