martedì 29 giugno 2010

The Words I Never Said - S/T (EP) [2010]

Recorded, mixed and mastered in 32 hours at Lullaby Studios by Enrico Tiberi and Stefano Wosz. Special thanx to all our true friends.

Line up:
xNanux - Vocals
Mario - Guitar
Jp - Guitar
Luca - Bass
Costa - Drums

Band's MySpace

Rippato dall'originale.

lunedì 28 giugno 2010

The Orange Man Theory - Riding A Cannibal Horse From Here To... [2005]

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Steve Austin (Today Is The Day, Unsane, Converge) at Austin Enterprise in Clinton, Massachussetts, USA between August 2004 and January 2005.

Supernova Records / Indelirium Records

Line up:
Gianni - Vocals
Gabbo - Guitars and back vocals
Cinghio - Bass and back growls
Tommy - Drums

Rippato dall'originale.

domenica 27 giugno 2010

The Great Saunites - TGS [2010]

"Ci formiamo nel 2008 sulla scia di precedenti esperienze musicali (Anatre Supreme/Linda Gruber).la nostra formazione consiste di un basso e una batteria. L'album e' stato registrato in collaborazione con Welles (Satantango/Welles) che ha provveduto ad aggiungere le voci"

Componenti: Atros - basso / L.Layola - batteria, chitarra, tastiere/ Welles - voce

Influenze: Pentagram, Pink Floyd, Om, Throbbing Gristle, Popol Vuh, Black Sabbath...

Registrato e mixato al Mizkey studio di Lodi da Michelangelo Roberti. Master by L.Layola


The Great Saunites @MySpace

GORE's Review @Aristocrazia Webzine

Ira dell'Agnello - l'Uomo, l'Amore e la Morte [2009]

Release finally free


GORE's Review


L'Ira dell'Agnello (ALBUM OUT NOW) | MySpace Music Videos

martedì 15 giugno 2010


Raein is an Italian screamo band that featured members from screamo act La Quiete and the post rock band Neil On Impression. The band broke up in late 2005, but after a hiatus of almost 2 years (in which they played 2 shows) they got back to play together in September 2007. According to the official site, the band finished recording a new album in July 28 and has begun to tour again.

In 2008, Raein released their new album, embarking on an extensive international tour in 2009 to support the new release.

Violent Breakfast

Here we are. This is the discography (plus 2 unreleased songs fund @ of one of the most important italian screamo bands. Mixing screamo, post-rock and elements of different genres they create a unique, deep and energic sound.

martedì 8 giugno 2010

Miavagadilania - Il mare ci salira' negli occhi (1st Part) [2010]

Actually, this is a wonderful alternative act from our politically famous country.

By request, Ladies and Gentlemen, MIAVAGADILANIA.

First part of their "Il mare ci salira' negli occhi", now I'll stop chatting...

"Moralmente e fisicamente, ho sempre avuto la sensazione dell’abisso, non soltanto l'abisso del sonno, ma l'abisso dell'azione, del sogno, del ricordo, del desiderio, del rimpianto, del rimorso, del bello, del numero”.
Charles Baudelaire

IL MARE CI SALIRA’ NEGLI OCCHI è un manifesto di un rock scuro e tagliente, con momenti larghi di quiete ed esplosioni in crescendo od improvvise. È un viaggio liquido e notturno, dove montano tempeste e si alzano le creste delle onde, mentre lo si affronta ad occhi chiusi. Tra spettri, loops, cori, note gravi e fughe ritmiche. Perché chi è pronto a naufragare non tema nulla e l’amore e il dolore siano le coordinate, siano la melodia che ci indica la rotta.

1. scintille
2. nau
3. è vero
4. notte illune
5. fili rossi
6. solo come addio
7. demoni
8. metti che la felicità
9. l'equilibrio
10. il mare ci salirà negli occhi

You can also watch 10 little videos of these tracks at their WEBSITE or @MySpace.

Support them or DIE!!!!!!


Download 1st Part HERE

contact them!

lunedì 7 giugno 2010

Tanake - Reazioni Pilomotorie [2004]


Endless Inertia - Oktiabr' Novembre [2006]

Another awesome record from a great band from Forlì. Too bad they broke up in 2007.


"our works are a picture of us, no only notes and yells. music is our sweat, our anger, our way to be alive and not passive people in front of a world wich going worst.. the will that gave us the strenght to have faith, that let us know not evrything is lost abd there are so many things to do this world the more "human" we can..humanity as being part of a beautiful reality, our world with the hierarcical range of economical, political, religious values wich alienates man from his true social nature. for these reasons we'd like to embrace everyone still involved in struggles to fulfill his own aim, and olso those who continue to make possible the flow of creative expressions and argumentative themes: D.I.Y. is freedom of expression, hardcore is partecipation. together , is the reality wich we feel more free to be what we really are and wich more belong to us... a thought is always linket to an emotion wich always cames from a real situation. world is a reality that has not to be lived individually: in this way the meaning nowadays evermore important for us, of community and brotherhood, would be lost. wishing to meet you all and have a talk together.. a sincere hug." Khere

Demo (2005) No cover available

A Flower Kollapsed

"AFK is a quartet formed during the summer 2004 in Orsago (treviso). The band made a name in the italian underground punk scene due to his agressive, short live shows wich are characterized by a extremly careful and powerfull sound. After some gigs in Italy, the band record a demo 7' split (self release) with a friend band called Esicastic and and a splt 3'(Holidaysrecords,Errorrecords) with Afraid! wich gave to the band the opportunity to become known outside italy. After the first tour in French (2005) the band begin to play in almost all european country and put out two albums: 'Orsago' (2006) and 'Brown Recluse' (2008) both released by the current three best italian DIY lebel on punk background: Holidays, SonsofVesta, Shove. During the spring 2009 a new split with The Flaus Boys has come out for the french label Ocinates Industries. AFK's sound is powerfull, fast and complex. It mixes math-metal hard core with noise and progressive rock. In the last period band is trying to develop a flux that is more continuos and less frenetic than the previous works and is concentrating more on the concept of sound and his impact." A Flower Kollapsed.

Great screamo with some experimental / mathy things that will blow your mind.

Morning Wood - Self Titled Ep [2009]

I don't think this is the actual artwork but doesn't matter :)

Chinese Dama - Self Titled 7'' [2008]

Pianoearthquake - 12'' [2010]

"It's been 2 years since we started playing together and since then a lot of things have happened, but few have really changed in this little place in Italy. We got friends that now are gone forever, friends that didn't truly believe in us and friends that are still here supporting us. Luckily, our friendship, our love, our passion and our D.I.Y spirit gave us wonderful moments and the chance to meet wonderful people that everyday day make all of this possibile.The sum of this two years for us lies in this record. This is for you, Dario." Pianoearthquake.

New screamo act from Trieste. New and already essential.

domenica 6 giugno 2010

Cotidie Mori - S/T Demo 7'' [2007]

"7 songs, a bunch of minutes, notes and yells, then silence
again. we are nothing more and nothing less. it's hard to
describe yourself to the others, we prefer to let you
directly listen to our stuff and to what we have to say.
all the lyrics are in italian, our mother language, because
we feel easier to comunicate something through our
common language. also the personal lyrics are hard to
translate as they simply describe feelings and then would
not reflect their real meaning."

iacopo, luca, jacopo, andrea.

Info & Lyrics HERE


"Progresso", an outtake song from another unique session

Magdalene - Demo and S-T

Demo [2007]


Self-Titled [2008]