domenica 21 novembre 2010

Kill Jesus Kill - Discography

Born in 2009 with the aim of fighting against boredom of “emilia paranoica”.
Under the influence of the disastrous political, religious, economic and spiritual crisis that plagues our time, they answer with enthusiasm, anger and a “row and dirty” direct rock that kills pop melodies, and the emptiness of contents in the modern music. What ugliness in our world, crap sold as art, culture and political promises… and how many bad people parasites our beautiful planet.
The band’s name is a desperate prayer to the return of order, sobriety and justice.
If really exists something greater.
Download Discography Here
Kill Jesus Kill discography on Plasticrane. To download just click on the cover.

sabato 20 novembre 2010

Ogni Giorno - Ogni Giorno [2010]

Brand new screamo band from Genova. Pure italian-styled screamo like Raein, La Quiete, etc...