venerdì 27 maggio 2011

Vulturum - Vivi Di Luce Riflessa/Voraussage [2011]

Second release by Vulturum from Milano, psych/sludge with a touch of spaghetti western. Vivi di luce riflessa was recorded during the Vineta sessions. The first Vulturum song to feature two complete drum parts, it awaited completion for more than a year, something that could not shine of its own, the exact thing one would expect from a song about people who don't deserve to have songs written about. Its counterpart is Voraussage, a forecast, a prophecy, an alternate version of something yet to come, an ode to wasted summer days meant to be listened to in the dead of winter, a final chant to disenchantment.
Released on limited 300 copies vinyl. A co-production between Trips und Träume and Sangue Dischi. Enjoy.


Gazebo Penguins - Legna [2011]